Weekly Fitness Classes 

At Happy Valley FitLink we offer a variety of different fitness classes each week to give you a number of different options to be active and to find the types of activity that you enjoy. Below you will find a description for the classes that we will be offering during the month. Make sure to follow our FaceBook page and Instagram page to stay up to date on classes because we sometimes will add an additional class with a special guest instructor. 

Spring Schedule 

This spring we are excited to offer 3 weekly fitness classes on Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturdays! Our Sunday classes will be held virtually over zoom and the link to join Please see below for the class schedule! 

In-Person and Virtual Cardio Drumming Via Zoom


Join us Wednesdays at 4pm-5pm EST at Grace Lutheran Church in State College, PA or fill out our contact form below and request the zoom link to join us virtually for a fun filled hour of cardio drumming! Cardio drumming is a group exercise class programmed to the tempo of music. Happy Valley FitLink will provide all equipment that is needed for class which includes a set of noodle drum sticks which you can take home at the end of class so you can use them for our zoom fitness fun class, just remember to bring them to our next in person event! 

Virtual Fitness Fun


We we be continuing our zoom classes every Sunday from 4pm-5pm EST. These classes are a fan favorite because of the amount of variety they provide. An additional benefit is that these classes will introduce you to a wide variety of group exercise classes that you can pursue more within your local community! These classes will be our traditional inclusive group fitness class that will include a mix of cardio drumming, you choose fitness, free dance, story time fitness and more! Everyone is welcome to join for free following the link below to sign up! 

In-Person Fitness Fun at the YMCA 


Join us every Saturday from 9am-10am at the YMCA in State College, PA for an inclusive group fitness classes! These classes will be very similar to our zoom fitness fun and will include a wide variety of activities from Cardio Drumming, you choose fitness, fitness board games and more! 

**Please be aware that Happy Valley FitLink takes the health and safety of our members very seriously and our in person fitness classes are subject to change to virtual class based on health and safety recommendations of the CDC. We do ask that all of our members wear masks when indoors at the YMCA or Grace Lutheran Church. We will post updates on our social media pages @HappyValleyFitLink on Facebook and Instagram

Pre-class Checklist 
  1. To make sure you have the most enjoyable experience you will want to make sure that Zoom is downloaded on the device you are using to join class and that your device is charger.

  2. Have a clean space with enough room to jump one or two hops in each direction (forward, backward, left and right)

  3. Have a water bottle filled with water so that you can stay hydrated during class.

  4. If possible make sure someone is home with you in case you need hep

  5. Find our confirmation email that has the link to our zoom and open the link (note that this will take you to our waiting room so don't go anywhere if you don't see us right away! We are so excited that you are going to be joining us and it may just take a few moments for us to admit you into the class!) 

  6. Once you are in class just get ready to have fun!

 Do I need my own fitness equipment to come to class?
  • Nope! Our classes will not require any type of fitness equipment. If we will be using "equipment' for class you will receive a detailed list of common household items that can be used for class! 

Happy Valley FitLink Liability Disclaimer 

We are so excited to have you! Please ensure you read our statement below that outlines the risk of exercise followed by our liability Wavier. 

Please read this statement on risk of exercise and tips for prevention.

During FitLink we will be performing various physical activity and fitness skills. How much you do, is always up to you. We are here to adapt, modify, explain, show, and encourage you to be successful.

Every effort is made to give you a comfortable and safe environment while on zoom. However, during exercise you may experience discomfort, pain, may injure yourself, or may experience delayed onset muscle soreness. During exercise there exists the possibility of such conditions as abnormal blood pressure, disorders of heart beat, and in rare instances heart attack, stroke or death. All exercises may involve risks that are unforeseeable. Existing health conditions, allergies, and medications may have effects on exercise performance. Please share your concerns, special needs, or illnesses with your instructor(s), so modifications can be suggested to maintain a safe, effective exercise environment. If you experience symptoms, extreme fatigue, or discomfort, exercise should be stopped; if needed, medical attention should be sought. Similarly, the instructor(s) may stop participants from completing the exercise at any time for safety concerns as well. It is your responsibility to inform the instructor(s) of any concerns, issues, or symptoms that may affect your risk of participating. We want you to be successful and we need your help. By attending class you consent that Happy Valley FitLink will not be held liable for any injury or harm that occurs. 

Tips for Reducing Risk

  • Consult your personal physician for a complete physical examination prior to initiating an exercise program and/or if you have a change in your health.

  • If any discomfort should result from your program stop exercising and consult your doctor.

  • Always wear appropriate clothing and athletic shoes when exercising.

  • Maintain adequate hydration before, during, and after exercise.

  • Be fueled for exercise by having had a snack or small meal in the couple hours prior to exercising.

  • Maintain proper form and perform all exercises in a slow, controlled manner.

If you have any doubts or questions about your exercise, please consult your physician. instructor(s), or both.


By attending class you are also consenting to allow us to use pictures and videos from FitLink on our social media.

Please review and sign our Liability Wavier and email it to happyvalleyfitlink@gmail.com by clicking on the icon below.