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Happy Valley FitLink

Happy Valley FitLink is an inclusive adapted wellness community for ​individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities and their families/care givers. We are happy to welcome individuals of all ages and any type of disability into our community!


Our vision is to be an inclusive wellness community for individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities to express themselves through movement.  We provide 3 free weekly inclusive adapted fitness classes for individuals with intellectual disabilities of all ages and serve as an educational resource for them and their families/caregivers through different wellness seminars that we organize that focus on whole body wellness.

Group fitness classes provide a socially stimulating environment to promote physical activity in the comfort and safety of your own home. Kinesiology students create fun and engaging classes that are taught over Zoom and adapt to the needs of our Happy Valley FitLink community. Thanks to our student we are able to continue to provide exceptional wellness seminars and socially stimulating fitness classes at no cost to any of our Happy Valley FitLink community members. For this reason we are able to give students a unique opportunity to join our wellness community as fitness instructors with interests in becoming adapted PE teachers.

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